Victor Capellan

Education Practice Leader/ Yo Hablo Español

Victor Capellan leads The Perry Group’s Education Practice.  He is an experienced executive leader in education with a demonstrated history of working with communities and families to ensure sustainable change that improves learning and life outcomes for children. He is strategic and innovative, skilled in coalition-building, education reform, and social justice advocacy.

Victor is an educator and community leader who understands the value of hard work and is committed to helping make life-changing opportunities possible for all. Capellán harnessed the power of education as a tool for transformation in his life and has worked tirelessly for the past three decades to ensure that children and families succeed, transform their lives, and build communities that bring bright tomorrows.

Victor recently concluded his services as Senior Advisor to the Rhode Island Education Commissioner. He advised the commissioner on all education matters and oversaw the School Building Authority and the Charter School Office. In addition, he was a key advisor in the intervention of the Providence Schools and created the Office of Equity and Diversity at RIDE.

Capellan served as Superintendent of Schools in Central Falls, where he launched a district improvement effort focused on equity, including creating the first dual-language school in the city. He is the former Assistant Superintendent in Fall River, Massachusetts, and served as Principal of the EBC High School in Brooklyn, NY.

As CEO and Founder of The Capellan Group, an educational consulting firm dedicated to providing high-value and specialized solutions to the education ecosystem Capellan works with education leaders to develop game-changing educational solutions to change the current paradigm by applying bold new concepts with fresh and innovative ideas that replace old beliefs and failed practices.

Capellán has been a visionary reformer, and his commitment to public service extends well beyond public education, and his leadership has impacted countless lives in myriad ways. Capellán currently serves on the executive board of the RI Boy Scouts Narragansett Council and of Onward We Learn. He has served as Chair of the RI Kids Count Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rhode Island Housing. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Nature Conservancy, Rhode Island Hospital, and The Providence Public Library. He was a founding member of Latino Dollars for Scholars and the RI Latino PAC.  He also served as a member of the Providence Zoning Board of Review.

Capellan is one of the founders and served twice as National President of the Dominican American National Roundtable, a Washington, DC-based not-for-profit, and served as Executive Director of the Center for Hispanic Policy and Advocacy (CHISPA). In addition, he was President of Quisqueya In Action and has supported the organization for over 35 years.