TPGV Alliance

The TPGV Alliance – The Perry Group and Valvespring – is a public relations and marketing communications network that believes in the power of a well-told story. Period. We offer an integrated team of communications, creative, business and legal experts, who create and execute big ideas to tell your brand story in ways that resonate with your target audience and inspires them to change their attitudes, behaviors or perceptions. We strive to create action within the target audience by convincing them to think, do or feel something differently.

The Perry Group and Valvespring are two separate agencies operating under one umbrella, The TPGV Alliance, since 2013. The agencies maintain distinct brand identities that reflect unique focus areas: Valvespring concentrates on branding (including advertising, marketing and promotion), while The Perry Group is centered on public affairs, public relations and crisis communications. For our clients, the experience is seamless – one main point of contact, one invoice, one extended team on which you can rely.

Our team includes media relations experts with decades of experience working with national media – including major U.S. newspapers, major news distribution services (such as the Associated Press and Reuters), high-profile magazines (for example, The Economist, The Atlantic Monthly, Time, The New Yorker, etc.) and major news and radio networks (CNN, NPR, PBS and network news). With a deep understanding of what journalists seek in developing news and feature stories, our team harnesses the power of their relationships and their ability to anticipate news trends – to present the right story ideas to the right reporters at just the right time.