Our Services

The Perry Group is a full service public relations, marketing and crisis communications agency.

We work with you to develop an omni-channel communications strategy to support your goals and objectives

Public Relations

Public Relations is all about getting your message heard. A bylined article, a feature story, social media posts — all are opportunities to get your message in front of your target audience. We look at all aspects of how your message should be crafted and how it will be received.

Crisis Communications

The Perry Group has counseled countless clients in an effort to help them protect their reputations in the wake of criminal indictments; high-profile investigations; fatal accidents; fires; natural disasters and other situations that threaten devastating reputational damage.

Corporate Communications

Communicating with your target audience, both internal and external, demands thoughtful deliberation. Our team knows how best to communicate with your employees, customers, policymakers and the media. We work with you to…

Communication Strategy

Building a cohesive long term communication strategy for your business is critical to your brand and your success. A strong communication strategy allows you to successfully allocate your resources to areas which will bring you the most success.