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Jeffrey B. Pine, Esq.

Senior Counselor – Litigation & Crisis Communications

Jeff Pine was elected Attorney General of Rhode Island in 1992 and was overwhelmingly reelected in 1994, receiving 76% of the vote. He is principal of the law firm Jeffrey B. Pine, Esq. PC and serves as Senior Counsel to The Perry Group on crisis and litigation communications issues.

In his practice, Pine acts as outside counsel to corporations and businesses involved in high-profile state and federal government investigations and prosecutions. His firm handles a variety of cases in the areas of business and civil litigation, white collar crime, criminal defense, government investigations and real estate transactions.

With more than 30 years experience as an attorney and elected official, Pine provides strategic counsel on crisis and litigation communications issues as well as media relations support. He often serves as an on-the-record spokesperson for organizations and individuals facing communications and reputation challenges. He has been the subject of thousands of interviews during his career by local, regional and national news organizations such as The New York Times, Boston Globe, Hartford Courant and Providence Journal.

Pine frequently serves as a political and legal analyst for print and broadcast media outlets in Southeastern New England. For many years Pine authored his own column on contemporary issues for one of the largest community newspapers in Rhode Island.

Pine earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Haverford College and a law degree from the National Law Center at George Washington University. Pine lives and works in Rhode Island.







Gregg Perry


Peter Bartelme 
Senior Counselor- Media Relations

Bonnie J. Campbell, Esq.
Senior Counselor – Litigation & Crisis Communications

Siobhan Scalia Carroll
Senior Counselor

Audrey McClelland
Senior Counselor - Social Media

Laura Meade Kirk
Senior Counselor – Editorial Services

Peter G. Mirijanian
Senior Counselor – Media Relations/Strategy

Jeffrey B. Pine, Esq.
Senior Counselor – Litigation & Crisis Communications

Jane Porricelli
Senior Counselor - Social Media


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