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Jane Porricelli

Senior Counselor – Social Media

Jane Porricelli is a blogger and freelance writer who has honed her Social Media expertise at MomGenerations.com, the site she co-founded with her mom, Sharon Couto, and sister, Audrey McClelland, which was named by BLASTmedia as "25 Reasons We Love Social Media" in late 2008.

Porricelli is an expert at utilizing Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Digg to build online awareness for brands, stories and ideas.

A writer for Examiner.com as the Providence Dogs Examiner, she uses these Social Media tools to help increase the number of article pageviews. Previously, Porricelli was the Social Media Manager at Mom Central, Inc. in Boston which allowed her to sharpen her Social Media skills, working both independently and as a team to bring fresh Social Media ideas and components into client campaigns. In that role, she worked on projects for brands such as Nintendo, Kellogg, Recycline, Norton/Symantec, American Standard and Ringling Bros.

She was one of 50 bloggers invited to Johnson & Johnson's corporate "Camp Baby" event, and was one of a select group of bloggers invited to Ford Motor Company's 2009 Model Year media day. She also co-created the 2009 Hot Blogger Calendar.

Porricelli has worked on campaigns with brands such as Hanes, Sony, Scott products, Ann Taylor, LeapFrog, Suave, Shutterfly and Earth's Best. She graduated from Brown University in 2004 and lives in Rhode Island with her two dogs








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Jane Porricelli
Senior Counselor - Social Media


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